so i wasn’t made to be loved in this heat so, leave again. find me in december my hair grown out, my heart reeking of snow it’s been a while since i’ve been able to breathe but i know i’ll be better when it gets cold. Advertisements


the bicycle on the wall of my favorite cafe in Iowa City the life-size chess game on the roof of the Kansas City public library the spa that shares my grandfather’s name that he will never see in person (i appreciate both continents that make up my heart but when i’m greedy i ache for … More coordinates

kings pointe

if you lived here, i would show you the spot on my bathroom floor where i prayed for the first time in seven years (the basement still smells like my father’s cologne) if you lived here, it would be all giggles and spilled salt and sun (all those years i lied through my hopeful teeth, … More kings pointe

Round Twelve

My mother tried to teach me everything. The first time I tried her chicken saalan recipe, it wasn’t a culinary triumph. It was edible, but I used breasts instead of thighs, making the meat tough, and I used too much oil. By the twelfth time I made this dish, the tender chicken soaked up the … More Round Twelve

blue lakes, CO

if you lived here, you would be the tallest and kindest thing a mountain has ever met. you would be the snow brushed from a windshield at eight in the morning, like soft, like easy, like the car is loaded up and we have somewhere to go. if you lived here, you would be the … More blue lakes, CO