blue lakes, CO

if you lived here, you would be the tallest and kindest thing a mountain has ever met. you would be the snow brushed from a windshield at eight in the morning, like soft, like easy, like the car is loaded up and we have somewhere to go. if you lived here, you would be the … More blue lakes, CO


i bring a spade to a polite dinner and you don’t even notice that i’ve stopped digging with my hands. it’s awkward and we call it and we bury everything again. so, it wasn’t us. so, we didn’t make it. i unclench my fist and nothing falls out of it. you stay the same you’ve … More holding

halves & wholes

Sophomore year of high school, I took a class called Great Ideas. During the “love unit”, we were asked to define love. I said love is putting someone else’s happiness above your own. I’ve learned a lot between 16 and 21 but I think the most important might be that this definition is at least a little … More halves & wholes

Old Friends

Written in Dublin, Ireland, June 2017 I appreciate being in a place where the sky looks like it might leak thunder at any given time. The gray doesn’t matter. The gray I can edit with the brightness factor on my camera. Even through a window, even as the clank of the bus gears slows, I … More Old Friends

It was a highway snaking away from Chicago. It was before I knew what a highway was. We had the windows rolled down because my mother wasn’t there, and she was the one most worried about wind and July bugs and other things. The car smelled of McDonald’s and I was young enough that that … More